the goal


The goal is to serve awesome food. That's it. Everyone should have a blast eating with the Wild Spork and look forward to seeing us at our next location. If we do our job well, vegans and omnivores (even the skeptical ones) will come back again and again to get their taste buds rocked.

the food


I believe that eating a vegan diet totally rocks. But I don't believe in giving lectures or trying to "convert" anyone who isn't interested.  Wild Spork is cooking up classic flavors in classic styles so I promise that if you like the original versions you'll love our Wild versions.  There's no crazy ingredients or weird chemical replacements, just tasty meals at fair prices.

the story

You've heard it a hundred times so I won't bore you with all the details.  Just another NCAA softball coach who decided to leave her job in Wisconsin, move back home and start a food truck.  

See, same old story.



find us!


Wild Spork is based in Lake County, Ohio. There's a killer food truck scene in Cleveland but we want to bring a bit of that flavor to the East Siders.  

That being said, we have wheels and will travel, so we may turn up anywhere.

​Have somewhere you want us to be?  Let us know!

For our most current schedule, click here.